๐Ÿ“ŠFree Market Economy

Completely Tokenized Game World

The game is Free-to-Play with a completely free market economy. We will not control the prices, nor will we offer paid content. Most items found in the game can be crafted by players or discovered in the game world. Very few items might be released by the team, such as tournament and event prizes or NFT drops when introducing new game content.

All game assets are tokenized. Some assets with unique properties will be represented as NFTs, while other completely identical assets will be represented as FTs.

NFT - Non-fungible tokens: Unique game tokens like heroes, armor, weapons, consumables, real estate, etc. (Standards: ERC-721, ERC-1155)

FT - Fungible tokens: Game tokens like currencies, resources, experience points, etc.(Standards: ERC-20)

GameFi infrastructure will power a player-driven economy. These smart contracts will also enable the collection of fees to fund further game development, making the project self-sustainable without resorting to common game monetization tricks.

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