๐Ÿฅ‹Equipment & Body Parts Targeting

Combat Equipment includes all wearable assets and weapons. Each of them significantly affects the Attack and Defense values of the Characters.

Each Character may attempt to attack specific locations of their opponent's Body Parts (and, of course, protect their own!).

These are:

  • Head;

  • Chest;

  • Stomach;

  • Groin;

  • Legs.

They never aim for a specific type of Combat Equipment directly.

However, there's an indirect connection with them as described below:

  • Helmet is related to the Head;

  • Chestplate is related to the Chest;

  • Gloves are related to the Stomach;

  • Leggings are related to the Groin;

  • Boots are related to the Legs.

All Body Parts gain their OWN defense stats based on the Combat Equipment values they are related to, plus any character's Skill Tree (Leveling) upgrades.

For example, the Head has its own resistances gained from the Helmet that your character is wearing.

Each "targetable" Body Part has a threshold of damage that it can undergo without malfunctioning. If it does, this part will be 25% less effective. After that, if this part takes even more damage, its effectiveness can drop up to 50% from the original.

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