๐ŸงชNeon Alchemist

Neon Alchemist is a profession that is related to creating Consumable Boosters, also to enhancing Combat Equipment and Drones (made by the Forge Master the Drone Engineer respectively).

  • Has Alchemy Mastery Levels ranging from 1 to 100. Higher Alchemy Level means better chances of crafting specific Consumable Boosters with better attributes, compared to their tier base stats.

  • Every time he creates a Booster or enhances Combat Equipment or a Drone, he gains Alchemy Experience Points (XP) based on the complexity of the items he crafts or enhances. For each Mastery Level an increasing amount of XP is required. After certain Level milestones, creating low rarity Boosters stops generating Alchemy XP, so he needs to create higher rarity Boosters to progress.

  • On first Levels, he has the knowledge to create only a few basic Consumable Boosters (of Common rarity). Later in the game, by finding and utilizing various Recipes, helps him to expand his knowledge on creating more and better items. Every Recipe corresponds to a new Booster formula and Neon Alchemist is the only one who can utilize them to permanently gain the knowledge of creating it in the future.

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