๐Ÿฆ‚Cyber Sorcerer

Cyber Sorcerer has a sophisticated but exciting combat style, that focuses on identifying the opponentโ€™s weaknesses and crippling their combat ability.


Crowd control: He has abilities that can stun, freeze, or otherwise immobilize enemies, making them an excellent source of crowd control.

Energy Shield: Create a protective wall that deflects the most damage input for a certain amount of hits. Also add temporary extra HP.

A vast variety of debuffs: The most characteristic combat style of the Cyber Sorcerer is sabotaging the options/abilities of his enemies. Many of his own actions carry a specific number of debuffs that cripple some enemy attributes.

Large variety of Abilities: Cyber Sorcerer may have the largest variety of actions, that players may mix and match on their own creativity and strategy. They can perform most types of actions and have a large variety of attacks from all damage types.

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