In the game you are able to craft a large variety of items that can help you in and out of battle. These include:

  • Combat Equipment (Weapons, Armor);

  • Drones;

  • Consumables (Boosters, Gadgets);

  • Combat Abilities.

In order to craft anything in the game you need:

  • Crafting materials gathered from various activities;

  • A small amount of Fuel;

  • To consume some Energy;

  • Efficient profession mastery (if crafted by you).

You have 2 options:

  • To craft the item yourself;

  • Hire another player with the appropriate profession mastery to craft it for you.

If you hire another player, the item is crafted based on their mastery. Players available for hire set their price and you can choose from a list of available players. When the contract is accepted the item is created and that player enters a cooldown until he can craft again.


For Rare+ items, you have the chance to increase their power even more by enhancing them. Similar to crafting, you need some crafting materials called Alien Tech that can be found in advanced activities, a small amount of fuel, and to hire a Neon Alchemist (or craft yourself if you are one).

There are three stages: Boosted, Energized, Overcharged. A basic item is enhanced to its boosted version, a boosted item to its energized version, and so on. Each stage adds a random property to the item. This way, every high-tier item will be unique. Players always have the chance to aim for something better.


Drones and Combat Equipment may need maintenance to stay efficient after certain usage. Maintenance can be performed by a Drone Engineer or a Forge Master (depending on the item) and costs a small fragment of the materials needed to craft the item. Note that each item might have a different number of uses before needing to be repaired this way.

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