๐ŸชœLeveling & Inner Body Skill Tree

Most activities you can do in Cyberpunk World reward you with an amount of XP points that allows you to increase your Status Level.

Status Level starts from 1 and goes up to 100 with increasingly harder progression.

On each Level up, you gain 1 Skill Point, (gain 3 Skill Points instead of 1, every 5 Levels.) You can assign these points to the Inner Body Skill Tree and unlock any enhancement you choose permanently.

Of course, there are requirements as the skill tree structure requires you to follow certain paths to reach higher Level enhancements. Only a small part of the Inner Body Skill Tree can be filled by each player even at max Status Level. Players can choose freely the paths they want to follow, making every Character have a unique build even among players using the same Classes.

The skill tree will be the same for every class, but every classโ€™s starting point on the tree will differ to boost diversity.

The Inner Body Skill Tree offers a vast number of upgrades, but all areas of the tree are highly focused on certain attributes, including HP & Healing, Defenses, Attack Power, Resistances in damage types and Statuses, Initiative etc.

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