๐Ÿ›ธDrones & Drone Gear

Drones can be manufactured from a Drone Engineer and require mostly CPUs, Power Generators and Metal for their construction.

There are 2 categories of Drones.

Mining Drones - Can be used in Mining to acquire Metals.

Harvesting Drones - Can be used for Harvesting to acquire Herbs.

Drones have the following characteristics:

Mining Power: Dictates how efficient the Drone is at Mining/Harvesting activity.

Energy Consumption: The rate at which the Drone consumes energy during the Mining/Harvesting activity.

Energy capacity: The max amount of energy a Drone has when starting the Mining/Harvesting activity.

Scouting Power: The chance of revealing nearby resources.

Defense Value: The amount of damage the Drone can receive before it stops functioning.

Attack Value: The damage the Drone deals when engages in combat.

Cargo capacity: The maximum number of resources the Drone can carry.

Not all areas for Mining and Harvesting are safe, so players need to bring Drones with higher Attack Values to enter the dangerous areas.

After returning from a Mining or Harvesting activity Drones must be recharged before sending them in another round of activities. To recharge a Drone, you need to spend a number of resources called Energy Generators, found mostly in Scavenging. Each Drone has its own requirements in Energy Generators to be recharged which is part of its core characteristics.

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