Juggernaut is a master of HP manipulation: he can trade HP for gaining advantages in both attack and defense. Players should learn how to handle this feature with care!


Highest HP in the game: Juggernaut is the most resistant character in the game. This advantage allows players to focus more on aggression rather than survivability.

Great defense stances and abilities: Has access to the most efficient defensive abilities that balances the enemy offensive with an all-around, well-designed defense tactics.

Life Regeneration: Access to several Regen/Healing abilities to maintain the advantage of High HP.

Sacrifice HP for better attacks: Since Juggernaut's biggest advantage is to sustain himself with several HP, he has the option to sacrifice some of his HP for stronger attacks. Thus, players may be able to handle his HP as a currency for dealing more damage (or performing other utility actions) when they think itโ€™s necessary.

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