Brute has an easy to play combat style, with straightforward powerful attacks that focus on knocking out his opponents as fast as possible.


High damage output: Brute deals massive damage to enemies with his attacks. He also uses a lot of offensive buffs.

Survivability: Brute has one of the most durable HP in game and several defensive abilities, which makes him tough to take down in battle. He has various defense buffs too.

Resistant to certain types of damage: Have natural resistances to certain types of damage.

Life-steal: Has many abilities that restore HP when dealing damage.

Bonuses when having low HP: He has both aggressive and defensive abilities that are being activated on low HP or gain bonuses based on his missing HP, putting the players in a risk mode, expecting to get benefited from it if they are in a potential thread of an instant KO.

Reckless Attack: Has offensive abilities that grant increased damage but also leaves the character vulnerable to counterattacks.

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