๐Ÿช™In-game Stablecoin

An essential component of our decentralized, free economy ecosystem is the in-game Stablecoin.

Stablecoin provides players with an option to secure their in-game earnings in a more stable form compared to the main game token, which may be volatile in price. Additionally, it offers convenience for those who want to lock in their income without leaving the game ecosystem.

With our in-game Stablecoin, players can quickly swap their tokens for the Stablecoin and continue playing, knowing their earnings are secure. They can also trade the Stablecoin back for game assets at any moment.

Cyberpunks World Stablecoin solution is tied to Curve LP tokens, allowing players to effortlessly switch between the game Stablecoin and well-known stablecoins in a trustless manner. This seamless integration ensures uninterrupted gameplay while maintaining a secure and stable in-game economy.

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